The GHADA collection is inspired by the designer's sister's style and named after her. BOVENUE presents its first vegan and vintage GHADA handbags. 

Our first vegan collection is designed using Damask fabric, which is stable, versatile, heavy-weight, durable and easy to clean whilst still luxurious and bold. If anything, this material lasts in pristine condition longer!

The handbag comes with a hand engraved gold base and a statement gold plated handle. The GHADA pieces come with the fabric pocket and suede lining internally as well as a detachable shoulder strap.

This collection and shift in awareness is inspired by the designer's sister, Ghada, who the collection is named after. For many years, she pushed for protecting the environment and did what she could on a small or large scale to reduce her footprint. For years she managed to combine her love for fashion with her eco-friendly choices. This today has become BOVENUE's mission.  

This handbag perfectly brings a modern feel to the vintage designs.