Winter Trends with the Adorable Two

<b>Winter Trends with the Adorable Two</b>

The Adorable Two are sisters Andrea and Storm, fulltime bloggers from Berlin and Hannover. Together they run their Instagram account: theadoreabletwo with over 55,000 followers. Storm is here to share with us their secret to looking fabulous in the Winter and Spill the Winter Must-have trends this year!


Because of the cold Temperatures here in Germany we have to dress as warm as possible. But we still want to be stylish, right? It is actually not that hard to dress stylish in winter, you just have to know how! So I got some Autumn/Winter Trends for you, that totally work in cold places (but I am speaking a max. of 10 degrees, every temperature underneath —> just stay inside haha).

So the first Trend, which you actually see quite often, but nobody really dares to wear it, is wearing your jewelry on Top of your clothes. You need to show off your Jewerly girl! I love to wear my watches over my blouses. It gives the Outfit something really cool and is defo an eye catcher. But the real Trend behind this look is the sleeves. Bell Sleeves, long Sleeves - just taking sleeves to a next level. Which is so cool, because when they are longer than your coat or your jacket it will make your look so stylish! I combined the look with a grey coat and my favorite vintage mum jeans!

Chunky Knit! This should be in everyones closet! Why? Because its sooo sooo cozy and fluffy and is super stylish as well! Try looking for a Chunky Knit Sweater that has an extraordinary cut or is just over the top. Everything else you just combine very simply.

With this trend I would follow up with the next one: RING STACKING. I am the biggest Fan of filigree rings, and the best way for me to wear them, is stacking them on top of each other. I don’t know why, but it just looks cool AF.

Statement Hoodies are having their revival at the moment. Vestments to blame for this one. But I must say I am kind of loving this Trend. Don’t have any? Don’t worry, I also don’t. But my Boyfriend has so many, that he wouldn’t even realize if some of them went missing mysteriously. I wear his sweaters all the time. Especially this (030) which is the Berlin area code! And Why not combine edgy with chic! I wear a lot of fancy Jewelry to my Edgy looks. Like this Maria Black Earring. I love to wear just one Earring, it gives the whole look a special attitude

In the fall, we draw more jeans than skirts or dresses. And although there are only minimal details, as in the Hironae jeans that I wear, they can already be "outfit Savers". Just because you only need to pair them with a scarf and a coat.

And finally, it's time to be a bit more daring, too. Lackboots are not everyone's thing, but they are definitely in demand this fall. And the great thing is that you can wear them in many ways. Whether with statement jeans, like my fringes by MSGM, or with mid-tops - these boots will definitely enhance your look.




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